We manufacture each and every component of our products in our own manufacturing facilities using various CNC Lathes, VMC Lathes, and Auto screw machines etc. to very close tolerances by closely monitoring critical dimensions, surface finishes, run out, sharp edges etc. after referring and meeting the requirements as per drawing, under rigid quality controlled procedures approved to ISO 9001: 2015 which ensures consistent quality and high performance products.


In order to produce quality goods, we rely on our modern and well equipped manufacturing plant. We have invested large sums of money to procure the best manufacturing equipment for our plant. Our manufacturing unit consists of various sophisticated machines such as:

  • CNC machines
  • VMC machines
  • Auto screw machines
  • Lathe machines
  • Drilling Machines
  • Grinding machines


Testing Facilities

We have In house testing Facilities to check, verify and confirm the guarantee of high quality, safety, consistency and maximum reliability in accordance with ASTM F1387 -99 (2005), MSS-SP-99-2010 etc.
  • High Pressure proof & burst Test
  • Rotary flax test
  • Thermal test
  • Pull out / Tensile Test
  • Flexure fatigue test
  • Pneumatic Test
  • Vacuum test
  • Vibration Test
  • Helium leak Test.
  • Make and Remake Test
  • Profile Projector
  • Hardness Test
  • Salt spray Test

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